Download First Touch Soccer 2024 FTS 24 Mod Apk Obb Data

 Download First Touch Soccer 2024 FTS 24 Mod Apk Obb Data

Download First Touch Soccer 2024 - FTS 24 Mod Apk Obb Data for Android Mediafire, latest player transfers, great graphics and real faces.

DownloadFTS 24 Mod FIFA24 Mod Apk Obb

 Data for Android :

The transfers have arrived.

The most important issue at this point is undoubtedly the transfer market, especially in recent weeks, which has seen many ups and downs in soccer.

Therefore, in this new version you will find all the current movements corresponding to the summer transfer window.

Major confirmed transfers such as Lionel Messi to Inter Miami, Karim Benzema to Al Ittihad, Jud Bellingham to Real Madrid and Gündoğan to Barcelona will be added along with over 200 official transfers.

New Clubs in the Saudi Pro League

Saudi Khan League teams are making a big splash in this transfer market.

They have attracted the attention of the soccer media thanks to the fact that they have managed to get the signatures of famous soccer stars and soccer players.

The decision to incorporate the most popular and representative teams in the country is due to the fact that they have a clear presence in other countries with a detailed lineup with new characters.

New Arab teams : 

- Al Ittihad Club of Saudi Arabia

- Al-Nasr Saudi Club

- Al Hilal Saudi Club

- Saudi Arabia Al-Ahli Club

CR7's new clubs in FTS 2024 

Al Nasr, also known as Cristiano Ronaldo's new club, makes its first appearance on FTS 24.

As expected, due to multiple requests from game fans, this Arab League team will offer recent employment to the people and join their ranks with Portuguese soccer stars.

So you can now play with their characters such as CR7, Anderson Talisca, David Ospina, Luis Gustavo, and many others.

What is Al Nasr Club?

It is the premier soccer team of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, founded in 1955 and currently located in Riyadh.

Playing the new MX League season 2023.

Mexican soccer has officially started a new season. As such, the Mexican league has already updated two very important aspects of the season, including new players and uniforms.

Mexican fans will now be able to play a fully updated league in all aspects, which is now complete but will be added later if more additions are announced after this release.

New South American Clubs

South American teams are coming to FTS. South American football today plays an important role in our football, so now is the time to update your details.

Play in detail now with a selection of the most relevant clubs from the various leagues and countries that make up South America.

Thanks to this, you will have all the great talent and promise of the South American continent.

Download link : 

First Touch Soccer 24 Apk Obb Data

How to install FTS 24 Apk + OBB Data

  1. Download the FTS 24 Apk and OBB game files from the links above.
  2. Unzip the FTS 24 files.
  3. Install the FTS 24 Apk file, do not open.
  4. Move the FTS 24 DATA file to your Android DATA folder.
  5. Also move the FTS 24 OBB file to the AndroidObb folder.
  6. Finally, start playing.

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